Top Network Cabling Installation Companies in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Network Cabling Installation

In Los Angeles, network cabling solution providers have been long sought after by local businesses. A business electronic communication, security and access control infrastructure can affect the daily operations of that business in a big way. Doing business in Los Angeles impossible without electronic communication, WIFI or secure access control to the building. CCTV is also a must have for business in LA. Los Angeles’ famous cities and it’s surrounding county areas are known for its rich variety of businesses, communication, surveillance and physical access control is a critical aspect for every business.

Most businesses rely on structured wiring installers which can design and install voice and cable installation and fiber optic installation. Your business shouldn’t rely on just any old electrical contractor to install your structured wiring system or you could encounter issues while using communication channels. That has a way of slowing down business activities and reduces your productivity in the long run. It’s important that you hire licensed electrical contractors who are experts with proven records in electric and low voltage data cabling, network installation, access control systems, CCTV as well as fiber optic cable repair. Hiring an experienced and licensed Network cabling installation contractor will solve all your enterprise level communication challenges in Los Angeles and the surrounding county areas. Get it done right and hire the best cabling contractor for the job. At 11D News, we have compiled a list of the 3 network cable installation contractors in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

So. Cal Cable Networks

A licensed and bonded low voltage cable installer located in Los Angeles, So. Cal. Cable Networks is capable of fiber optic termination, structured network cable installation, testing and certification, access control, design and survey as well. It’s crew is cable of just about anything. It is fully licensed and bonded and is able to work with Los Angeles’s strict building codes. Call them at 800-605-6450 or visit their website at

Bare Wire Networks Corp

Another low voltage installer specializing in network cabling, access control and CCTV, Bare Wire Networks BWN is also an audio/visual designer and installer for residential. Call them at 949-371-5079, BWN is also a URC dealer and installer.

Terapixels Systems

Another low voltage installer that is also a dealer of many brands of access control, CCTV and wifi brands. Terapixels is a dealer and installer of Brivo, Qumulex, Meraki, Hik, SpotAI, ENS and others.


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