18 Top Fall Fashion Trends from New York Fashion

Here’s Our Top 18 List

  1. Skorts : the dreadful combination of shorts and skirts.  Essentially a pair of shorts with a half skirt in front.
  2. Flower Patterns:  Flower patterns are back
  3. Geometric Patterns:  These arrangements of circles and squares have always been big in Finland. The Marimekko store always sells them. Now they are in America.
  4. Bell Bottom Pants:  Revived from their former glory days from 1969 to 1974
  5. Short Shorts for Men combined with leggings. Inspired by NBA basketball fashions
  6. Hats: they are back
  7. High-Rise Pants:  Nobody really liked low rise jeans.
  8. Paisley: Prince may be dead, but Paisley is back
  9. Flip Flops
  10. Patched Up Jeans: The fashion trend of ripped and holey jeans yields to patchwork jeans
  11. OSHA Safety Colors: Bright neon outfits
  12. Coats of Many Colors: inspired by the Dolly Parton Song
  13. Stretchy Jeans: for both men and women.  Due to the fattening of America, we need stretchy jeans.
  14. Tall White Tube Socks: combined with the short shorts trend. For both men and women, looks great while roller skating.
  15. Fur Coats for Dogs
  16. Knitted vests for Cats
  17. Tattoo Removal: The tatoo trend is over, and people want their skin back
  18. Yoga Pants: they are back.

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